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Coach Neph


Who is she ?

Neph is a certified leadership and life coach focusing on improving performance by creating greater self-awareness, understanding of others, and managing one’s own emotions and feelings. She has a sincere interest in guiding leaders in harnessing their unique strengths to achieve their professional and personal goals. She helps leaders understand and use more effective behaviors to achieve their goals and inspire more outstanding performance in others.

Neph coaches leaders who want to move the needle on executive presence, change management, emotional intelligence, trust-building, diversity, equity and inclusion, resilience, and bridging individual and team performance.

Neph went through her journey where she navigated career crossroads and uncertainty, battled imposter syndrome, and as a result developed a personal resilience that she hopes will help rising leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and career changers in their journey. Neph successfully creates safe, supportive spaces and builds relationships that help clients thrive!

Neph holds a doctorate and board pharmacotherapy specialist certification in pharmacy. In addition, she has held positions that have allowed her to lead, coach, and influence individuals, teams, and organization-wide levels.  Neph combines all that she’s gained through her education, life’s works, and personal journey to assist leaders and aspiring leaders live an intentional, rich, and grace-filled life.

While Neph wears many hats, she identifies with family first. A wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She currently resides in the DMV area with her husband and young daughters.

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