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 Meet Dr. Neph


Who is she ?

Dr. Neph, is a certified leadership and life coach focused on coaching high-performing & high-potential professionals in developing and harnessing the leadership power within. By helping clients bridge the gap between self-knowledge and self-mastery, clients build the habits, shift the patterns, make the decisions, and execute the strategies that transform their profession and life journey. Dr. Neph helps leaders understand and use more effective behaviors to achieve their goals and inspire more outstanding performance in others.

Dr. Neph went through her own journey where she navigated & overcame mindset blocks, workplace conflict,  burnout, and a demanding healthcare career while mothering young children. As a result, she developed a personal resilience & mastery of servant leadership that she coaches in others. Dr. Neph is also a workplace Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity (EID) champion and serves on multiple committees and boards where she pushes the needle on Healthcare Disparity reduction and wellness in the workplace. Dr. Neph successfully creates safe, supportive spaces and builds relationships that help clients & teams thrive!

Dr. Neph holds a doctorate and board pharmacotherapy specialist certification in pharmacy. In addition, she has held leadership positions that have allowed her to influence & impact individuals, teams, and state-wide organizations. She combines all that she’s gained through her education, life’s works, and personal journey to assist leaders and aspiring leaders live an intentional, full, and grace-filled life.

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