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Welcome to the Doses of Neph Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Doses of Neph Blog!

I curated this career and wellness blog to celebrate life, health, and the leader within. After

practicing for years as a board-certified clinical pharmacist, I climbed the ladder of success and

was promoted to leadership. Here I was seven months pregnant, excited, and unaware of what I

was in for. Through that experience, the importance of self-care, purpose, and clarity became


As an emerging leader and new mom, I experienced so many highs and lows. From

navigating my nanny’s schedule to showing up for a board meeting first thing in the morning

with only four hours of sleep. There were many nights I questioned my life assignment and

whether I could keep up. After some deep soul searching, I realized what I loved most about my

career was my ability to empower, excite, and position associates for success.

This realization re-ignited my commitment

This realization re-ignited my commitment to my profession and led to the creation of the Doses of Neph blog. I wanted a place to share about personal wellness, motherhood, leadership development, and everything in between. I understand there are many professionals, especially women of color, who have a hard time navigating in this unique space of “balancing it all”. To be frank, it can be very challenging at times. I hope to inspire readers to become more aware of their well-being and leadership power within.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned as  I dispense tips for career and personal wellness. Aside from my passion for career and fulfilling personal growth, I am married to my loving husband and am the mother of a sweet baby girl. I count her healthy development and joyful spirit as my most significant accomplishment yet.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or leave comments. I would love to connect

with you. The prescription you’ve been searching for is finally here!

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